Business and Institutional Investing That Achieves Your Objectives

Home Federal’s trust and asset management team offer investment guidance to businesses, churches and other institutions with short-term or long-term goals.

Think of your money as a running program. Do you need it after a quick sprint, a five-mile run or an ultramarathon? We’ll identify a training plan that matches your time and pace.

Turn to Home Federal for:

  • Productive returns based on your goals
  • Flexibility and liquidity
  • Prudent, strategic recommendations
  • Professional, business-minded service

We assist with many investment needs, including these common scenarios:

You need a safe, profitable place to park your cash reserves.

Our Trust team searches nationally for safe, short-term investments and money market funds to provide the liquidity you need. We can coordinate money movement between your investment account and your deposit accounts on a daily basis. You enjoy a return on your cash, but you maintain availability and flexibility for planned and unplanned cash needs.

You're on a capital campaign committee for your church, and you need a good choice for intermediate-term investment as you prepare to build.

We can help establish secure, income-producing alternatives as you grow your capital campaign funds. We’ll choose safe investments to protect the value of the stewardship dollars. We’ll also work with authorized personnel to release funds as directed to architects, engineers or contractors. Once the facility is completed and your church is ready to create an endowment with future bequests, we’re available to assist in further charitable endeavors.

You need help coordinating short-term and long-term investment needs for your ag operation.

As a first step, we meet with your finance team to learn about your business plan. Once we understand your requirements, we can put together an investment objective to achieve your current and future financial goals. We’ll implement the plan by selecting investments from the marketplace that fit your specific needs. We’ll strive to provide for current liquidity needs, seek maturities that are timed for planned capital expenses, while offering growth for long-term or future planning.

You are self-employed and need to save for retirement, but you feel the IRA limits are low.

Several plans for small businesses offer higher contribution limits than regular IRAs. A plan known as the Solo 401(k) allows the greatest contribution limit (perhaps as much as $46,000 if you are age 50 or older).

Home Federal offers Personal Banking, Business Banking, Ag Lending , Home Loans, Trust and Asset Management, and Investments. With so much to offer, learn what Home Federal can do for you.

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