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Estate Tax Calculator

The Estate Tax calculator allows you to estimate the total current value of your estate and the potential current year tax liability on that estate.*

  • Enter ballpark values by dragging the sliders left or right.
  • Enter exact numbers by clicking in the box and type your number (no commas).

The results of your calculations show in the box near the bottom of the calculator.


Property Owned by You
Enter the value of all real estate property held in your name. This would include your primary residence and any other properties that you own individually
Life Insurance Death Benefit
Enter the value of all of your life insurance policies.
Property Owned Jointly
Enter the value of all real estate property held jointly by you and other individuals.
IRAs, Plans, Annuities
Enter the total value of all tax deferred retirement plans held in your name.
Revocable Trusts
Enter the total value of all assets held in revocable trusts.
Other Property
Enter the value of all other assets held by you individually, or jointly with other people.
Current Estate Value
This is the calculated sum of all values entered above.
This summarizes your estate value, the estimated tax on that estate and what the effective tax rate is on the estate.
The interactive graph shows you the value of your estate and the estimated tax. Mouse over the graph bars to get a value readout.

*Calculators provided are estimation tools and do not necessarily reflect products, terms or rates that Home Federal Bank may offer. Please contact your Home Federal banker to verify results.

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