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Health Savings Account Future Value Calculator

The Health Savings Account Future Value Calculator helps you determine your account balance. It can also help you determine the proper contribution amount to balance your medical expenses.*

  • Enter ballpark values by dragging the sliders left or right. Enter exact numbers by clicking on the number in the box and type your number (no commas).
  • The results of your calculations show in the box above the graph.
  • Click on tabs for details and for more options.


HSA Future Value Tab

The HSA Future Value Tab allows you to enter basic information used to model your account.

Number Of Years
Enter the number of years you plan to keep your Health Savings Account.
Contribution Amount
Enter the amount you plan to contribute the first year to your account.
Increase In Contribution
Enter the amount you expect to increase your contribution annually in subsequent years.
Expenses Amount
Enter the expected amount of medical expenses for the first year. Note, you can use the Expense Worksheet to help you determine your expenses.
Increase In Expenses
Enter the expected percentage increase for medical expenses in subsequent years.
Tax Bracket
Enter your combined Federal and State tax rate.
Annual Return
Enter the expected interest rate for your Health Savings Account.
The content of the results box normally shows the ending value of your account, total contributions, total medical expenses, and tax savings over the selected number of years. It may also warn you if medical expenses will require you to pay out of pocket to cover costs.
This graph shows additions (contributions and interest), subtractions (medical expenses), and the account value for the years shown.

Expenses Worksheet Tab

The Expenses Worksheet Tab provides for entry of medical costs broken down into smaller groupings to help determine the proper expenses amount. Remember, only eligible expenses should be entered. Refer to the proper IRS publications to determine eligibility.

Doctor Appointments
Enter the amount spent on regular medical services at medical offices, facilities, or hospitals including inpatient and outpatient care.
Lab Work
Enter the amount spent on lab work, diagnostics, and medical testing.
Dentist Appointments
Enter the amount spent on dental appointments and other dental care.
Enter the amount spent on vison testing and correction.
Prescription Drugs
Enter the amount spent on drugs, medicine, and supplements prescribed by a physician.
Over The Counter
Enter the amount spent on eligible drugs, ointments, solutions, or first aid supplies.
Enter the amount spent on nursing and long-term care.
Enter the amount spent on equipment used to accommodate disabilities, injuries, or physical therapy.
Enter the amount for any other eligible expenses.
This displays the sum of the previous amounts. This value is used for the Expenses Amount in the HSA Future Value Tab.

*Calculators provided are estimation tools and do not necessarily reflect products, terms or rates that Home Federal Bank may offer. Please contact your Home Federal banker to verify results.

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