Estate Settlement That Combines Expertise and Care

Through our estate settlement services, Home Federal’s trust and asset management team will ensure your wishes are established and carried out.

Following the death of a loved one, many families are not prepared for the sensitive and often-complicated estate settlement process. Home Federal offers:

  • Expertise in estate affairs, tax management, court reporting and legal compliance
  • Objectivity with no hidden agendas for the estate proceedings
  • Time and availability to handle your family’s estate needs

Here are some common scenarios and how Home Federal can help:

You don’t have a will, and you wonder who will take care of your matters when you’re gone.

If you die without a will or a trust, the process for settling your estate becomes more complicated, expensive and time-consuming. The courts decide who settles your estate and who receives your property.

It would be far better if you made those decisions. Because Home Federal feels strongly that everyone should have a will or a trust, we offer to help you understand the options and guide you through the process at no charge.

You have a large family located all over the country, and you wonder who will settle your parents’ estate and keep the peace.

This is a common problem as families grow, marry, and settle in different parts of the country. For this reason, it can be a mistake to name a family member to settle their estate or serve as trustee. When family members disagree, it can add time and expense to settling the estate, and it may destroy family relationships.

When you name an institution (such as Home Federal Bank) to serve as Personal Representative or Trustee, it assures family members that the estate will be managed and settled professionally, efficiently, and without bias.

You heard the bank can settle your estate, but you don’t understand why your spouse or family member can’t handle the job.

Families often do not realize the huge responsibility and liability that goes along with the appointment of Personal Representative. It’s rare that a family member has the expertise, experience or time needed to tend to estate settlement activities.

If you choose Home Federal as your Personal Representative, you alleviate the risk of having someone else fall ill or pass away. We also have trained staff to handle the difficult investment, record keeping, tax and financial decisions. Another key benefit is that we can remain impartial, and treat all beneficiaries equally.

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