Retirement Planning Personalized for You

Home Federal’s trust and asset management team will guide you toward your retirement goals with full-service planning, solid advice and more investment choices.

At Home Federal, we constantly monitor your retirement goals and funds. In fact, we’re the nicest number-crunchers you’ll ever meet.

If you’re planning for retirement, or you’ve already reached it, we offer:

  • Control, organization and choices
  • Goal-focused strategies
  • Customized and tailored plans

Here are some common scenarios and how Home Federal can help:

You changed jobs and wonder what to do with your 401(k) account.

To gain greater control of your investment choices while still maintaining your tax-deferred status, a Rollover IRA may be right for you. If you have multiple 401(k) and/or IRA accounts, they can be pulled together to work for you. Home Federal will identify the investment option that provides the results you desire. We’ll monitor investment progress, and inform you when by law it’s time to begin taking withdrawals.

You’re almost 70½, you have multiple IRAs, and you want to stay out of trouble with the IRS.

Consolidating IRAs into one investment account can eliminate many headaches. At the beginning of each calendar year, we’ll advise on the amount you need to withdraw as a mandatory distribution. You also have the option to take your distribution quarterly or monthly (like a paycheck from your hard-earned retirement nest egg). We can assure that all the proper tax reporting is done on your behalf.

You heard about Roth accounts and wonder how they are different from traditional IRAs. It’s all about taxes.

In a traditional IRA, you don’t pay income taxes when you put money in; instead, you pay income taxes when you take it out. In a Roth IRA, the tax consequences are the opposite. The best option depends upon your age, your time horizon and other retirement resources.

You retired, but you feel you’ve lost money during your IRA’s roller-coaster ride over the years.

As you approach retirement, it’s more important to preserve what you have. You may need more stability in your retirement portfolio. You may be taking more risk than you intend or you may not be enjoying the returns you should.

Together, we will design an investment mix that meets your income needs and helps you stay on track during your retirement years. You will see results clearly through our periodic statements and performance reports. We expect to meet with you on a regular basis to fine-tune your portfolio to reflect changes in your needs and goals.

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